Commitment to Customers

At Ahoy Propellers we have made a commitment to providing our customers with the best value possible when it comes to boat propellers.

That means the best quality, the best price and even the best delivery times. The quality of our propellers is unsurpassed – which is proven by the fact that we offer a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects for all of our propellers. The fact is that you won’t find a better propeller at a better price anywhere, so it simply makes good sense to go with the leaders in boat propellers – Ahoy Propellers.


We understand that time is money – and that’s why 5 blade skew propwe have made a strong commitment to stock the largest inventory of inboard boat propellers in North America through our growing network of company-owned and dealer-owned propeller centers.

Non-stock items and special orders are processed with precedence, resulting in the best delivery times available. In addition, express delivery service is available for customers who are at a critical point and need propellers immediately. We can usually offer expedited delivery times of 10 to 20 days, depending on the size and composition of the propeller.

Our delivery service offers value that is second to none – and has earned Ahoy Propellers an outstanding reputation throughout the propeller industry.


At Ahoy Propellers we realize the operating costs for vessels continually increase – which results in lower profit margins for vessel owners and operators. That’s why we have made a commitment to always provide our customers with the best prices for boat propellers for sale on the market today. However, our affordable prices are not the result of cutting corners – but from working smarter. Our efficient and innovative propeller design and manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, proven systems and hard-working personnel are the keys to providing customers with superior quality propellers at affordable prices.



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