About Us

Ahoy Propellers is dedicated to providing superior quality inboard boat propellers at the best prices possible, with a focus on delivering true value to our customers.

boat propellersFrom recreational fishing boats and yachts to commercial vessels such as crew boats, supply vessels, ferries, barges, rescue boats and so much more – Ahoy Propellers is the ideal choice for any vessel requiring an inboard marine propeller or torking propeller.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Harvey, Louisiana, Ahoy Propellers is owned and operated by Dickey Tassin. Within the first four years of operation, the company doubled its business on the strength of Dickey’s commitment to providing the highest quality inboard boat propellers at the best possible prices.

Today the business has grown from a small, local propeller company to become an international leader in propeller design and sales – serving numerous customers across North and South America as well as overseas. Ahoy Propellers currently has six dealers across the United States, with plans to continue adding dealerships both domestically and internationally to better serve its customers.

For the best propeller at the best price, we invite you to contact us today – and experience the difference that Ahoy Propellers can make in the performance of your boat.



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