Ztrack Client Testimonials

Following are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers 

have to say about Ztrak propellers.

Capt. Nick,
With Double Nickel Charters Said,

This is the shop if to use for all your wheel work. They are professional friendly and knowledgeable.
I'm ordering my second pair of Ztracks for my boat. They are as smooth as they get.
The most wheel for your money.
We have fished them all  Veems, Michigan Wheel, and these are just as smooth.
We went 4/5 sailfish on our first trip!


"Gained two knots with my boat, can’t argue with that.”

"I got tired of hearing all my fishing buddies brag on their new Ztrak props.
I finally went and bought one. Wish I wouldn’t have waited so long. Great prop!”

"I was very impressed first of all with the quality of blade shape, proportion,
hub profile and finish on the prop when it was delivered.
 But when we launched the boat, then I was really impressed.
The prop runs extremely smooth and the boat accelerates steadily from idle to top RPM.
The speed at cruise and wide open are better than we had expected.
It’s obvious that the engineers at Ahoy have done the job right.”

"I couldn’t believe how many wheels they had in stock.”

"The naval architect predicted 22 knots based on results from sister vessel using  wheels.
The boat exceeded expectations and trial tested at 23.4 knots. I will be recommending Ahoy for future projects.”

"This is the first prop that we have run that lets us use the two speed gear to its full potential.
The prop runs very smoothly.
We have won every race this year with this prop:
1st place at Boothbay Harbor, 1st place at Jonesport and 1st place at Harpswell.
 We are very impressed.”



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