Design & Materials

Two of the most important factors that determine the quality of any propeller are design and materials. At Ahoy Propellers, we are focused on these crucial areas of the manufacturing process to ensure that our boat propellers are the best in the business.


The Ahoy Propellers design team has one goal – to engineer the most durable and efficient propellers on the market today. Our highly experienced and talented engineers begin the process by utilizing Ahoy’s innovative and exclusive propeller design software – and we also have the capabilities to produce custom-designed propellers working from specs provided by our customers. In addition, we take into consideration numerous variables – both predictable and unpredictable – to assure the customer superior performance, durability and unrivaled efficiency


MetalOne of the most crucial components involved in producing a high quality propeller is its composition.

At Ahoy Propellers we understand that this is the backbone of every propeller – and we take great pride in using the best material compositions to assure durability, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Some of the metals we commonly utilize include stainless 316, bronze and manganese.



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