Proper manufacturing techniques are the only way to assure that a propeller design is executed to the highest level of accuracy. At Ahoy Propellers, we have perfected every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish.


The first step in propeller manufacturing is to transform the design into a pattern. We use state-of-the-art CNC milling machines along with our patented computer software to score patterns to the highest degree of accuracy.


The patterns are then used to precisely manufacture our sand molds used during the casting process. Our Pro series molds are manufactured with Chemically Bonded Sand, which is also referred to as "No-bake” sand. It consists of a combination of high-grade silica sand and chemical bonding agents.

Hub Boringprop manufacturing

Propellers are bored to accurate measurements using Ahoy Propellers’ computer-driven CNC milling machines according to SAE J755 and ISO 4566 standards. Tapers are available in 1:16 and 1:10 ratios.

Dynamic Balancing

All propellers are balanced using Ahoy Propellers’ high speed digital balancer, which allows propellers to be installed on your vessel immediately upon delivery. All propellers are dynamically balanced according to the ISO 1940/1 standards of G6.3 or G2.5 (residual balance mass).


All propellers are finished using our exclusive software and our patented measuring instruments and inspection equipment. We have designed the world’s first 6D-axial inspection machine. Its basic functions include: scanning and analyzing pitch, expanded area, thickness, propeller angle of elevation and the deviation angle among blades. It can also measure a single blade of CCP. It’s the only propeller inspection instrument on the market that can digitally measure the thickness of propellers in a one-step process.

Our Pro Series propellers are finished to standards of Class S and Class I by computer-driven CNC milling machines, which completes the propeller making process in accordance with the internationally used ISO 484/ 2-1981 Norm.

Our standard propellers are hand finished by our team of highly trained technicians to ISO 484/ 2-1981 Norm of between Class II and Class III.



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